Casey Federman: The California Wellness Foundation

Over the course of his career in real estate, investment banking,
and law, Martell Capital Group LLC (dba Irongate), Managing Director,
Casey Federman has upheld a strong commitment to philanthropic service,
giving to a number of groups that sponsor medical research, education,
and community health. To this end, Mr. Federman is proud to support The
California Wellness Foundation (TCWF), a unique organization that seeks
better health for all Californians through education, community
outreach, and grants for traditionally underfunded areas of health care.

Rather than focus its energy on direct medical treatment, TCWF
works to address the root causes of health problems for Californians,
from sanitary living environments to nutritious diets, as well as
violence prevention and higher-quality educational opportunities for
underserved individuals and families. Since its formation in 1992, TCWF
has raised more than $815 million in grants for these and other such
initiatives, gaining widespread recognition along the way.

More information on The California Wellness Foundation can be found at