Cancer Free Generation Supports Young Leaders in Southern California

In recent years, few organizations have done more to support innovative cancer research than Cancer Free Generation (CFG), the young leadership division of Tower Cancer Research Foundation. CFG sets out to nurture promising young talent, including cancer researchers, medical professionals, and visionary doctors, throughout the Los Angeles area. To help its “CFG Innovators” develop and implement elective cancer and blood disorder treatments, the organization offers a range of grants and honorariums. In particular, CFG attempts to address a shortfall in National Institutes of Health funding for cancer research, which leaves more than 90 percent of applicants with no government support. Through its “CFG Healers” program, the organization also funds patient assistance programs and community education initiatives to help young people and families struggling with cancer diagnoses. Utilizing its dual approach of research and patient support, CFG hopes to lay the foundation for a truly cancer-free generation.