The Importance of the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics has an immeasurable impact on the lives of the athletes who compete in the games, providing them with a sense of belonging and camaraderie that many have never before experienced. Participation in Olympic events allows them to participate and enjoy a true sense of achievement. Beyond its impact on the lives of participants, however, the Special Olympics has created a significant change in public perception of individuals with disabilities. This change may prove the program’s greatest contribution to the world. By showing people around the globe the feats capable by these talented individuals, regardless of their handicaps, acceptance has started to grow.

About the Author: Casey Federman, the Managing Director of Martell Capital Group LLC (dba Irongate) in Los Angeles, dedicates time and resources to a range of philanthropic programs, including the Special Olympics. Other initiatives that Casey Federman supports include the California Wellness Foundation, Tower Cancer Research, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and the American Cancer Society.