Cancer Free Generation Supports Young Leaders in Southern California

In recent years, few organizations have done more to support innovative cancer research than Cancer Free Generation (CFG), the young leadership division of Tower Cancer Research Foundation. CFG sets out to nurture promising young talent, including cancer researchers, medical professionals, and visionary doctors, throughout the Los Angeles area. To help its “CFG Innovators” develop and implement elective cancer and blood disorder treatments, the organization offers a range of grants and honorariums. In particular, CFG attempts to address a shortfall in National Institutes of Health funding for cancer research, which leaves more than 90 percent of applicants with no government support. Through its “CFG Healers” program, the organization also funds patient assistance programs and community education initiatives to help young people and families struggling with cancer diagnoses. Utilizing its dual approach of research and patient support, CFG hopes to lay the foundation for a truly cancer-free generation.


Harvard-Westlake Benefits from Annual Giving Programs

One of the most prominent private academies in Southern California, Harvard-Westlake School enjoys a reputation for top-quality academics and a wealth of arts and athletic programs. Annual giving plays an important role in the success of Harvard-Westlake, which utilizes contributions to support a broad range of programs and initiatives. Annual giving allows the school to implement important improvements such as updates for its many computer labs. It also enables administrators to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for classrooms and provides valuable support for athletics and arts programs. In addition to providing for a high safety and security standard throughout the school, Harvard-Westlake’s annual giving program has increased financial assistance opportunities for students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Harvard-Westlake accepts gifts of all sizes and maintains that no contribution is too small to make a meaningful impact. To learn more about annual giving at Harvard-Westlake, visit the school’s official website at

A Brief History of Harvard-Westlake School

As Managing Director of Martell Capital Group LLC (dba Irongate), lawyer and real estate executive Casey Federman has built an impressive professional and academic history that started while he was a student at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. Widely considered one of the top private secondary schools in the United States, Harvard-Westlake School traces its roots to the early 1900s as the separate Harvard School for Boys and Westlake School for Girls. Originally a boarding and military academy, the Harvard School for Boys remained both until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when it began to assume its present form as a day school. The Westlake School for Girls, meanwhile, spent its first 60 years teaching girls at the elementary and secondary level before taking shape as an exclusive middle and high school. With the merger of the schools in 1991, Harvard-Westlake School quickly became a leading secondary institution, recently ranked by Forbes as the 12th-best prep school in the country. To this day, Casey Federman maintains involvement with his alma mater and has served as a Board member of the Harvard-Westlake Alumni Association.