Tips for Positive Youth Sports Coaching, By Casey Federman

When working with children, coaches should exhibit positive behavior and avoid criticism, which can destroy self-esteem and lead to a lack of motivation. Coaches should focus on what young players do well and highlight each success, which encourages kids to try harder and ultimately perform better. Youth coaches should treat all players with the utmost respect, avoiding any sort of ridicule or sarcasm, which can have a monumental effect on the developing mind. The coach should constantly keep an eye on each child’s demeanor and personally ask about any potential problems.

Ultimately, the coach becomes one of a child’s most prominent role models. If the coach demonstrates personal concern for the player, that will lead to a boost in the child’s self-confidence and the establishment of a positive personal relationship between coach and player. Coaches should emphasize teamwork and having fun over winning and competition, which will help kids to succeed not only in their future sports endeavors but also in their lives in general.

About the Author:

A veteran investment banker, lawyer, and real estate executive, Casey Federman acts as the Managing Director of Martell Capital Group LLC (dba Irongate), a real estate development and investment firm based in Los Angeles. Outside of work, Casey Federman enjoys playing a variety of sports and coaching his kids in sports.